Boy Meets Girl

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a feminist. I wholeheartedly believe in equal rights for men and women, but that is not always how modern feminism plays out. Sometimes feminism starts to look like misandry and that is not a movement I want to be a part of.

I love being a woman, but I also love men. I admire the ways that men are inherently different from women, and I don’t find that fact threatening. We have two sexes that are opposite but complementary, and that is the how humans (and animals) have survived and reproduced.

Women and men need each other. The yin needs the yang, the egg needs the sperm. Together we create balance. I’m not saying that women have to be the yin and men have to be the yang. Obviously, people are complex, multifaceted, and mutable, but we also have our roles, and that is what makes life work. Both men and women are dependent on each other, so we must do better to coexist.

Biologically, there are two sexes, but socially, there are a burgeoning number of ways to define gender. My physical body is female and my sexuality, personality, and emotions all filter through a feminine lens, but my soul is gender fluid. Human consciousness contains multitudes. Even my dog has both masculine and feminine tendencies.

I feel empowered by my femininity, but I am also deeply in touch with my masculinity. I am sensitive and receptive, and I am also strong and assertive. I want to feel safe and protected, but I also have courage and take risks. I love to wear makeup and look pretty, but I also feel amazing in a suit.

Sometimes I feel conflicted by the contradictory parts of myself, but mostly I try to embrace it. I’ve also learned that it’s ok to flip-flop between being a girl and a boy. But when the masculine and feminine parts of myself work in harmony, that is when I feel most whole.



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