How Modern Feminism Is Hurting Women

Modern feminism has been incredibly effective. It has influenced practically every part of western society and one could say that the future of female domination has already arrived. Most women would consider this a victory, but I believe it to be a harmful imbalance of power ushered in by propaganda that demonizes an entire gender and ironically results in worse outcomes for women.

At the root of the problem is the false messaging in the current feminist narrative. The movement’s arguments are based on feelings instead of facts, so its demands are often misguided and misaligned with what women really want. I suspect that many women are starting to question the feminist agenda, though this is dangerous to say out loud, so I’ll take one for the team here. The following tenets of the modern feminist movement promote a fantasy that will ultimately leave women disillusioned and dissatisfied with their lives:

Girls Can Be Anything

Feminists tell their daughters they can be anything. They tell their sons that masculinity is bad and they had better tone it down. As a result, girls are growing up to be entitled and boys feel ashamed and resentful. But let’s focus on the girls. They are encouraged to pursue careers in tech, engineering, science, and math, because their capabilities are equal to that of men, and it’s only our patriarchal society that keeps them from realizing their potential. This is a lie.

Women have many inherent talents, but not the ones that make them great in male-dominated fields such as math and science. Girls do well in high school because they’re focused hard-workers, but as they pursue advanced degrees in these fields, they run up against their limits and grow increasingly disillusioned and frustrated. We need to encourage girls to be realistic about their future and honest with themselves about the life path they truly desire, which typically includes being a mother.

Women Can Have It All

Here’s a painful fact: it is not possible for women to have a big career and be the primary caretaker of their children. A toddler is awake 70 hours per week while most big careers require about 45-60 hours of work per week. The primary caretaker is the person spending the most time with the child, so a working mother would need to cut back to part-time to be that person, and that means she is no longer competitive at work.

Career women can try to have it all by outsourcing most of the childcare, but the type of woman to have a big career (highly educated, intelligent, affluent) is the least likely to want to put her kids in someone else’s inferior hands. The helicopter tendency of millennial moms makes them especially averse to relinquishing control of their children’s upbringing, and there are too many studies at this point to deny the fact that there is no replacement for the stay-at-home mom.

So “having it all” is a pipe dream. And when women have a choice (i.e. they are married to a breadwinner), most will pick motherhood over work. That means the huge investment that career women make to climb the ladder goes to waste when they retire to become mommies. If women were realistic about the demands of motherhood and that they indeed desire babies, they could make better decisions about their education and career right from the start.

Work Now, Have Kids Later

Feminists tell women to dream big, focus on their career, and postpone motherhood, which feels empowering until women reach 35 and find themselves at a crossroads. They are just five years away from reaching the peak of their careers, but they only have five more years to have two kids two years apart if they start right now. Feminists try to resolve this dilemma by bending the rules of nature and promising women that they can put off kids until 40, or they can freeze their eggs and start at 50! And we’ve already discussed the feminist trope: you can have it all! Go ahead and pop out some kids, take the entirety of your maternal leave (you deserve more!) and pick up your career right where you left it. The trick is to ignore that pesky maternal guilt that kicks you in the gut as you rush out the door every morning at 7am waving apologies at your adorable baby as she reaches for you in tears. If men can do it, so can you! Spoiler alert: men don’t experience maternal guilt.

Feminism makes all these options sound effortless, leaving women sorely disappointed when they have to make the impossible choice between being all in at work or all in at home. I’m not going to cite all the studies that refute the empty promises women hear about delaying pregnancy, the effectiveness of IVF, and the capacity they have to do it all, but let’s just say that feminists are completely leading women astray in the area that women care about most: family. Women aren’t superheroes, they are human and therefore subject to the limits of their own biology.

Men Are The Enemy

To feminists, men are the bad guys, especially white men (which means that feminists are now racist as well as sexist). On the flip side, women can do no wrong and should not be held accountable for any attacks against said enemy, because obviously he deserved it and she is the real victim here, always and forever in perpetuity. Does this go against the basis of our entire democracy? Yes, but women deserve special treatment, so we would like to advocate that the following amendments be made to the constitution:

  1. A man does not have the right to a fair trial if a woman has made an accusation about him.
  2. Men owe women for the sins of the men before them.
  3. The patriarchy is to blame for a woman’s misdeeds, but her accomplishments are hers and hers alone.
  4. A woman’s feelings are more important than the facts.
  5. Sexual misconduct is defined as whatever a woman wants it to be.
  6. Women should be equal to men (but really, superior).
  7. The rights of men should be diminished in accordance with their increased status (ie rich white men are inherently guilty).

Women Don’t Need Men

Someone needs to sit feminists down and give them the birds and the bees talk. Oh my bad, I’m the idiot. I missed the memo that lays out the plan where women trick a diverse group of genetically superior young men to donate their sperm before we banish (murder?) them or perhaps harvest their bodies Matrix style for an infinite supply of ejaculate for generations of females to come. Don’t forget we must destroy all male embryos as well to protect our utopia from being poisoned by toxic masculinity!

All straight women will magically turn gay and everyone will get along great because we all know how sweet women can be to each other. There will definitely not be any cliques of popular girls who become bored by the company of shrill lesbians growing increasingly fat because they have completely let themselves go, and they won’t secretly start giving birth to boys that will effortlessly overthrow this civilization of women because they are ridiculously stronger than them, and ugly women won’t attempt to destroy these rogue hotties in a witch hunt that will ultimately fail, because who will build the stake upon which to burn them? Those logs are really heavy.

In a world of women, innovation will slow down without the genius of men. The economy will fail without men in the workforce to support women taking two years of maternity leave to only go back to work part-time. There will be a government sanctioned shutdown a week out of every month so women can rest during their menstrual cycle which has synced up with the entire world. Inevitably, society will devolve into a female version of “Lord of The Flies” which entails less savage brutality and more manipulation, backstabbing, and passive-aggressive cuntiness.

Did you not grow up with a sister? Were you never in a sorority? Did you not go to high school? Why would any woman want a world of only women? Men can be dangerous, but girls can be cruel. And bored girls are the meanest. Clearly, this was a Pinky and The Brain type of plot concocted by a couple of dykes that theorized that if there were no men, then every woman would become an option. Talk about sexual misconduct.

Women Are Empowered But Helpless

Be careful what you wish for. That’s what someone should have told feminists a couple of decades ago. They have won the fight for female sexual liberation, and it is costing women dearly. Feminists have earned women sexual carte blanche, which lowered the cost of sex for men, increased competition for male attention, and gave rise to STDs, and single mothers over 30. At the behest of feminists, women have delayed marriage in favor of career leaving them increasingly desperate to find a mate just as their dating market value and fertility is in rapid decline, unlike their male counterparts who can easily swipe left for another 10 years.  

It has become painfully obvious that all this sexual “empowerment” is not going well for women. So feminists are doing damage control. Opening move: blame the patriarchy for “reframing sexual liberation as sexual availability.”

Second move, promote the pawn: paint women as sexually victimized and helpless like Little Red Riding Hood about to be devoured by a big, bad, rapey wolf at every turn.

Capture the knight: rewrite the rules of attractiveness so that undesirable women (aka feminists) have an advantage.

Advance the queen: launch a smear campaign to oppress male sexuality with histrionic fear mongering and dubious accusations such as “sexual misconduct” and “microaggression” and “mansplaining.”  

Checkmate: castrate all men to save the world from toxic masculinity.

Congrats, ladies, you’ve won! But really, everyone loses.

Attractiveness Shouldn’t Matter

Since feminists already needed to course correct, why not throw this little nugget into their messaging: all fat, ugly, and opinionated (feminist) women are actually beautiful, and all hot women are actually vapid, self-absorbed (not feminist), sluts that reinforce all the negative stereotypes of women. Any man who disagrees is a disgusting pig.

Any woman who perpetuates unrealistic beauty standards by being a real person who is beautiful should be banned from social media. Any attractive man who isn’t feeling all my 50 shades of intersectionality should be fired. Any unattractive man who is feeling me should also be fired!

I should be able to rock a no-makeup, frizzy hair, sausage in a tight dress look and still be treated like I’m a model. I should be able to eat Cheetos for every meal without judgment because obesity is the new skinny and all skinny bitches are anorexic. You should accept me for my worst traits because self-improvement is a construct of the patriarchy, and since feminists are winning the race to the bottom, we should be awarded preferential treatment.

Nevermind the laws of nature. Nevermind the primal mating habits of humans. Nevermind genes, science, and facts. This is the new truth because I have spoken it and so it shall be, poof (blows a puff a magic glitter into your face).

Any feminist reading this is now plotting my assassination. But I am not the enemy, I’m the messenger, and here’s the message: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. What are you trying to rescue women from? Income inequality? That’s a myth. Oppression? Maybe refocus your efforts on countries like Afghanistan, where women get beheaded for going shopping without their husbands, or India, where girls get gang raped in broad daylight. Because if your raison d’être is to save western women from the male gaze, marriage, or motherhood, then you clearly don’t understand women.

I don’t think it can be overstated that there is a disconnect between the goals of modern feminism and what will really make women happy. The inherent flaws of feminist ideology have created a world where masculinity, diversity of thought, and the truth cannot exist. But if feminists could be honest with themselves, they would realize that the world they are trying to create is not the world they want.



  1. Jon David
    May 22, 2020 / 6:55 am

    Brilliant. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Modern feminism isn’t about equality, it’s about tyranny and supremacy. Women don’t want equality, they want special treatment.

    And ladies wonder why men aren’t asking them out or they don’t want to get married.

  2. June 1, 2020 / 1:39 pm

    Could not have put it any better! Bravo Margot, BRAVO!! ❤️

  3. October 5, 2020 / 9:35 pm

    This really opened my eyes! Thank you so much for your share, excited to practice these principles and overthrow the feminists!!!

  4. Anonymous
    March 14, 2022 / 12:13 am

    An addition to men’s continued ability to “swipe left” for an extra ten years, is the growing group of men who have been burned by one or more of the tenets/side effects, who want to be good husbands and fathers, are no longer willing to play the game. The number of casualties in this new war, men and women alike, is reaching critical levels.

    • Margot Loren
      March 31, 2022 / 2:10 am

      Thank you for your comment. You make a good point. The dating market can certainly feel like a battlefield. People are getting burned on both sides, and I know it can seem hopeless and even dangerous to keeping putting yourself out there. But I implore young women and men in this position not to give up. Don’t let the bad actors make you throw out the whole play. Women will naturally be influenced by a strong, confident man who is an eligible provider and protector. Sure, there are women and men who may be too brainwashed to wake up at this point. But there are plenty who are either already awake or just waiting for the right leadership. The onus is on those of us who understand the dynamic being played out to lead by example. We must not give in to the temptation to blame or hate the opposite sex as a whole. In a way, we have to take the high road. If we give up, then the enemy wins. And the opposite sex is not the true enemy. The real war is greater than the battle of the sexes, and to win this war, men and women will need to work together. You can play your part by focusing on being the change within yourself. Be the best man you can be and you will attract the best women for you. And do your best to have compassion for those who have lost their way because the propaganda that has been hammered into their minds since childhood is very persuasive. We must leave space in our hearts for forgiveness, and be willing to welcome with open arms anyone who is ready to wake up.

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